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Please send Holly a message to let her know how she can assist you. Whether it is for a 1:1 Consultation or Intensive, a workshop, training or event, Holly and the team would love to connect with you.

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About Holly

Holly is the Australian author of ‘Reframe Your Thinking Around Autism’, and the creator of A.R.T. SM – a new and progressive approach to autism therapy. She is a keynote speaker, a teacher and travels widely throughout the US, Europe and Australasia.

Holly’s approach starts from the premise that everyone on the spectrum is intelligent and can upgrade their mind / body connection – if they are given the right tools and are treated respectfully, positively, and creatively. A.R.T. SM is a process and toolkit to realize and sustain positive outcomes, and the results can be amazing.

Tours and Speaking Events

Holly Bridges regularly appears in the media and speaks at universities, NGOs, schools and special interest groups about her work on autism. Her general talks, seminars and workshops are designed for non-scientist audiences and do not presume prior knowledge of A.R.T. SM

Holly can tailor seminars, workshops or presentations for audiences from 30 to 500 plus.