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(Anxiety Reframe Technique)®

A Revolutionary New Therapy for Autism, ADHD, Neurodivergence and Mental Health that Empowers, Enriches and Changes Lives

By Holly Bridges

Anxiety Reframe Technique brings together Somatic Practices, Polyvagal Theory and Brain Plasticity in a brand new way to help people learn to feel calmer, happier, and to become more resilient.

Taught as an Internal Martial Art, it can be useful for improving sleep, anxiety, cognitive function, balance, motor coordination, digestive issues, eating disorders, depression, overwhelm, tics, developmental delays, language disorders, dementia,
intellectual disability, complex trauma, and symptoms of ADHD and Autism.

The best part? A.R.T. is easily engaged by kids, teens and adults.


  • Mental clarity
  • Improved Sleep
  • Inner Resilience to Stress
  • Executive Functioning and Working Memory
  • Self-Regulation
  • A Way out of Inertia
Winner of the NDIS Excellence in Innovation Award, 2018.
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We’ve put together some programs for parents, therapists and individuals seeking A.R.T. online education and support—all taught by A.R.T. founder Holly Bridges.

Holly with hands on blue ball and patient with feet on blue ball

A.R.T. Express

An introductory, self-study program that gives you a robust understanding of A.R.T theory and practice in the context of Autism therapy.
Holly working on patient's hand

A.R.T. In-Depth

A 1-year course for health professionals, austistics, or parents ready to take their understanding of A.R.T. to the next level, and use it more broadly than just as autism therapy. 
Close-up of Holly's hands holding patient's hand

A.R.T. Practitioner Training

An advanced, 3-year training that students must take in order to be an accredited A.R.T. therapist. 

What past program participants, patients and health professionals have to say about A.R.T.

“Holly continues to refine her clinical style, embodying aspects of Polyvagal Theory, that enable her to support her clients’ journey to have richer lives and to experience the benefits being safe enough to co-regulate with others.”

Stephen Porges, Professor of Psychiatry. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“I KNOW her work WORKS. Having her exercises and insight in my toolkit has been the best investment I have made for me and my family.”

Lucy H. Pearce, Author of Medicine Woman, mother of an 11 year-old on the spectrum.

“Holly is one of those rare “translators” of science into application and practice. She teaches professionals and families and supports those with developmental difficulties with deep understanding, passion and care. She is a gift to our work.”

Dr. Gerard Costa Former Director, Centre for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health. Montclair State University, New Jersey

“In totality, the ART Express course manages to combine a straightforward, easy-to-follow method of support with profound authenticity and wisdom.”

Samantha Craft, Author of Everyday Aspergers and Autism in a Briefcase, International Consultant, Senior Manager of DEI at Ultranauts Inc.

“I have been thoroughly impressed with Ms. Bridges approach, which gently nudges the nervous system towards enhanced regulation. Her skilful implementation of Polyvagal Theory in her practice is truly exemplary, demonstrating a rare ability to foster a sense of safety and connection in her clients. .”

Sejla Murdoch, Senior Psychologist, Australian NeuroFeedback Institute

“Holly’s understanding of the Polyvagal theory and her ability to translate the theory into practical and easy to perform exercises is revolutionary in therapy for those who are in an extreme state of bodily distress. Holly delivers her therapy expertly and with immense thought and empathy. Her ability to engage online with extremely sensitive and fragile individuals is to be highly commended.”

Dr Wendy Allen, Consultant Paediatrician Paediatric Allergist

Want to discover more about how A.R.T. is being used to transform Autism treatment?

Download a free chapter—or purchase your complete digital or physical copy—of ‘Reframe Your Thinking Around Autism’ . This concise, celebrated book offers an easy-to-grasp introduction to A.R.T. and a new lens through which to view Autism.

It will leave you with:

  • Clarity on why certain behaviours so often co-occur in Autism, and what’s going on physiologically to make them happen. 
  • A clear understanding of the science behind A.R.T. in relation to Autism, and how it connects to Brain Plasticity and Polyvagal Theory.  (Don’t worry, this is complex science, conveyed simply).
  • A renewed sense of hope that positive changes are possible—and a path to bring them about. Plus, a profound sense of compassion for yourself or anyone you know, love and care for with Autism.
Reframe your thinking around autism book
Get the NEW EDITION now! Published by ‘LicenseToThink’

Meet Holly Bridges and learn the story behind A.R.T.’s development

Holly is a neurodivergent, award-winning Australian therapist, keynote speaker and author.

Holly sitting with legs crossed
Holly works internationally with teens, adults and children with Autism, ADHD and I/D—and her work was originally driven by a desire to offer an integrated, effective approach to Autism treatment rooted in kindness and realism, in response to a growing frustration with the limitations of other somatic or psychological approaches for the neurodivergent community.

Since developing the Anxiety Reframe Technique (A.R.T.), she has seen the benefits this gentle modality brings for people dealing with a wide variety of mental health conditions & challenges. 

Instead of relying on symptom management, A.R.T. can actually help people to change the way their nervous system deals with stress (for the better)—and in doing so, increase their capacity to tolerate it, and improve their quality of life. 

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