The A.R.T. Intensive is Holly’s signature program

This 8 day program enhances learning and progress. Learning in a consistent, consolidated and uninterrupted format can bring powerful results.

Introduce the student to Holly’s Anxiety Reframe Technique

Rouse his or her interest in the program and process

Aim to ensure that what is learned is sustained into the future

“When we have a meltdown the body is literally overloaded and its only recourse is to ‘drop out’. There is no resilience. The only thing to do is to be kind to your system till it recovers and resumes. We don’t build resilience by more impact and force.”

Holly Bridges

The Process

It is slow, and the emphasis is on listening and engaging and re-integrating. It is subtle. It is not achievement oriented, although once mastered, the achievements can be great.

Hear a program testimonial From Megan, mother of a 17-year old

Danny said that the A.R.T. approach is so subtle and finessed that it “ends up changing everything”.

“He is changing so fast I can’t keep up with him. He’s been helping in the kitchen and carrying on conversations all day that are fluid and with a resonant voice. He has smiled so many times today I can’t count them all. Yesterday he read scriptures aloud during our study time – so rare! Oh, he also said he’d like to try different brushes for his hair, as it’s time that it looked better. Oh there’s too much to write at this moment. Thank you!!!”


“When he tripped up just 50m from getting home & slightly hurt his foot he was also matter-of-fact about it & didn’t launch into things like; “This is your fault just because you didn’t want to find parking”, “If we hadn’t been walking this wouldn’t have happened”, “NOW I’m going to be in pain for ages”. I asked if he was ok & he simply stated; “Yeah, just tripped a bit. It happens sometimes. It’s a bit sore but it’ll be ok”. Yeah …. that’s never been the usual reaction before! PLUS —- it was a little sore the next day & he told me after we had seen you that it had been since the morning BUT again —> none of the usual – it was your fault, no doom & gloom, again, no dwelling on the negatives.”


“Scott trusts Holly because she does what she says she will do.  She says that she will let Scott lead the process.  If his leading the process takes an extraordinary amount of time, that’s okay.  Incredibly, Scott is able to create a safe space for Scott to learn.  For Scott to be safe, he needs invitations that are okay to take or not take.  Because he is extremely good at reading intentions, he can easily tell when the person attempting to influence him is ‘not okay’ if he doesn’t accomplish certain things. … When I can marvel at the nervous system, even as we watch it only make the smallest detectable progress, then I feel my ability to influence Scott amplified by several magnitudes.”


The A.R.T. Intensive is Holly’s Signature program

This 8 day program enhances learning and progress.
Learning in a consistent, consolidated and uninterrupted format can bring powerful results.


Here we rouse interest and curiosity in the program. We answer any questions and we help  to make sense of the science and the process in a way that is fun and easy to digest.

Five Consecutive

We progress through a series of A.R.T. stages, so that by the end of the five days you have a comprehensive set of exercises to do to help to know how to bring your body and mind into a greater state of alignment, a deeper sense of stillness, and a deeper sense of connection with your body.

Follow Up

In the two follow up sessions we consolidate what we have learnt in the consecutive A.R.T. sessions and help to realistically integrate the exercises into real life.

Between each session, Holly is available by email and phone (within reasonable limits) to answer questions and help refine the process. She is working throughout the week to ensure that she is in sync with your needs and is continually mapping the process to ensure the best outcomes.

All sessions are either in person or online

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