Explain, engage and reinforce

The A.R.T. Intensive is Holly’s Signature program.

This 8 day program enhances learning and progress. Learning in a consistent, consolidated and uninterrupted format can bring powerful results.

  • Introduce the student to Holly’s Autism Reframe Technique … Explain
  • Rouse his or her interest in the program and process … Engage
  • Aim to ensure that what is learned is sustained into the future … Reinforce

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“When we have a meltdown the body is literally overloaded and its only recourse is to ‘drop out’. There is no resilience. The only thing to do is to be kind to your system till it recovers and resumes. We don’t build resilience by more impact and force.”

Holly Bridges

The Process

It is slow, and the emphasis is on listening and engaging and re-integrating. It is subtle. It is not achievement oriented, although once mastered, the achievements can be great.

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Eight day program

Initial consultation (email / phone / Zoom)

This essential element of the process enables Holly to identify the key issues that the tailored A.R.T. program will address, from the perspective of the student and (where applicable) parent or companion. It is an iterative process, since the objective is to co-design a process and program that meets the needs of the stakeholders.

Mapping (Holly prepares the program)

Holly then creates a tailored A.R.T. program.

Initial session

We meet to discuss the work, to answer any questions, so the participants can get a feel for the work.

5 x consecutive days

We then have five consecutive sessions to begin to learn the exercises at at your own pace and teach your nervous system how to be in a more gentle and connected place. Each day you get progressively more sophisticated with your capacity to engage with the work and to sustain the practice and we consolidate the work. These are typically 1.5 – 2 hours in duration, depending on what you need.

2 x Follow up sessions

Post sessions are 1 – 1.5 hours long and designed to allow us to see how you are going with the exercises, to see how they are being applied in the home and to connect with how you are feeling after the program.

Between each session, Holly is available by email and phone (within reasonable limits) to answer questions and help refine the process. She is working throughout the week to ensure that she is in sync with your needs and is continually mapping the process to ensure the best outcomes.

All sessions are either in person or online

Following these sessions, should you require more time with Holly to further progress the work, we make time for mini intensives every three months or so.

Holly is also available to train your staff to work with the exercises in your home.

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