Bridging the Gap

Exploring the Impact of Holly Bridges' A.R.T. on

Autistic Inertia and ADHD Paralysis



An Evaluation of A.R.T.
(Anxiety Reframe Technique)

Based on cutting-edge science,
A.R.T. is challenging the boundaries of what we
understand for psychology and health.

Brought to you by License To Think,

the first of its kind, this autistically-led, innovative, in-home,

qualitative, psychometric and biometric investigation,

measured the Anxiety Reframe Technique.

A.R.T teaches the individual to find a state of deep rest that

potentially allows the neurosensory system to better integrate

sensorimotor, perceptual and environmental signals.


The potential of this unique investigation warrants your attention




1. Improved Wellbeing


2. Improved Sleep


3. Higher Heart Rate Variability


4. Improved Mental Clarity


5. Improved Coordination


6. Ability to Find Stillness


7. Enhanced Self-Regulation


8. Enhanced Communication


9. Ability to Tolerate Stress


10. Higher Adaptability

Giving voice to the autistic experience was a focal point of this study

I’m in my body for the first time, this has changed my life.

(59 years, female, Autism / ADHD / CPTSD)

Tics are pretty much gone; anxiety is better; I’ve found more ways to calm down.

(17 years, male, Autism / ADHD)

I am calmer after doing the ball.

(17 years, female, Anxiety Disorder / ADHD)

I have more energy; I feel good, because my eyes aren’t hurting;

feels like almost a reset button.

(10 years, male, Autism / ADHD)

Now I can get to sleep and stay asleep; I didn’t like taking the melatonin

and now I don’t have to take it anymore.

(12 years, female, Autism / ADHD)

Professional Recommendations

for Holly Bridges and A.R.T.


National Disability Service (NDS) Commission Secretary

The Insurance Commission sponsors the Excellence in Innovation Award at the Disability Support Awards because we want to  promote new and improved care approaches that can improve  the lives of Australians. Innovation is key in ensuring the disability sector continues to  deliver effective and efficient outcomes to people living with a disability. Holly Bridges’ work has been acknowledged by the Australian  government’s disability insurer for ‘Excellence In Innovation. Ms Bridges won the award for her neuroplasticity work  that helps people with disabilities improve their physical  and social presentations. Ms Bridges has also been  recognised internationally for her book ‘Reframe Your  Thinking Around Autism’ which outlines this work.


Professor of Psychiatry
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I became acquainted with Holly in 2014, when she contacted me to evaluate a prepublication copy of her book, Reframe Your Thinking Around Autism: How the Polyvagal Theory and Brain Plasticity Help Us Make Sense of Autism.

Since I developed Polyvagal Theory, I was curious how she would distill the concepts of theory into an accessible volume that would be helpful to those on the autism spectrum, their families, and the therapists and educators who support them. In reading her book, I realized that Holly had a gifted presentation style that enabled her to communicate the optimistic and important principles of the Polyvagal Theory.

Holly continues to refine her clinical style, embodying aspects of Polyvagal Theory, that enable her to support her clients’ journey to have richer lives and to experience the benefits being safe enough to co-regulate with others.

Focusing on witnessing the client’s biobehavioral state and providing cues of safety through own presence and accessibility, she has successfully expanded the range of the social behavior and resilience.


Former Director, Centre for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health. Montclair State University, New Jersey

Holly is an incredible thinker and a sought-after consultant and interventionist with neurodiverse children and families. However her skills as a writer and presenter are extraordinary.

She is warm, engaging and energetic with the capacity to teach about very complex topics in very understandable ways.

One of her special gifts as a presenter is her use of simple line drawings of human and brain/nervous system structures and functions, making the complex interactions come alive, making incredible sense to participants with varying levels of knowledge.

Holly is one of those rare “translators” of science into application and practice. She teaches professionals and families and supports those with developmental difficulties with deep understanding, passion and care.

She is a gift to our work.


BEd., PGradDipDramaEd, MEd, PGradDipArts, MA (HolyNames), MA (ECowan), PhD, MTESOL


I highly recommend Holly Bridges, a leading author, educator, and thought leader in neurodiversity. Her innovative Anxiety Reframe Technique (A.R.T.)SM and book, “Reframe Your Thinking Around Autism,” have significantly advanced the field. Holly’s deep commitment and unique approach, blending her psychology background with personal experience, make her work both impactful and accessible. She empowers neurodiverse individuals to achieve autonomy and self-confidence.

As a keynote speaker and educator, Holly excels in making complex topics understandable and engaging. Her presentations are both informative and inspiring. Recognized internationally, Holly received the Excellence in Innovation Award in 2018 for her contributions to autism therapy. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any endeavour and look forward to her continued positive impact.



Somatic Therapist, Les sens de vos ACTes, France


Holly Bridges was among the first who was aware that the Polyvagal model needed to be expanded, in ways Prof. Porges himself now also recognises, to include the significance of the dorsal vagus as a resource towards deep rest and restoration. While I have not had personal experience of her work, I have watched Holly diligently refine and progress her novel therapy with a high degree of  integrity over the past seven years.

Just like Prof. Porges, I am continually impressed by how Holly manages to present the very complex model that is Polyvagal Theory in ways that makes it both accessible and relevant to persons who often don’t have an academic background. Holly has the skill to extract the essentials of this model without leaving out any of the main features of it, which is a  rare accomplishment….Therefore, I cannot recommend her work too highly. It is unique, answers a big need in our society and does this with great skill, clarity, passion and humour.



BSc(Med) MBBS MPH FRACP Consultant Paediatrician and Paediatric Allergist



Holly’s understanding of the Polyvagal Theory and her ability to translate the theory into practical and easy to perform exercises is revolutionary in therapy for those who are in an extreme state of bodily distress. Holly delivers her therapy expertly and with immense thought and empathy. Her ability to engage online with extremely sensitive and fragile individuals is to be highly commended. I feel that the future of care for people who are impaired by anxiety and difficulty accessing functions. Secondary to this is fundamentally addressed in the work that Holly performs and I would be very much in favour of the work she does becoming better understood by all practitioners. I would encourage widespread accessibility to Holly’s methods through training up of health practitioners to replicate the work that she does.



Consultant Psychotherapist



Holly’s practical application of polyvagal theory with her clients and her research, centre’s around the homeostasis of the individuality of the person, and has been greatly received by her clientele. She has been able to assess how the individual’s bodily systems interact and communicate with each other, where she has developed embodied access routes for each client so they can internally develop a sense of being that is in balance with these systems while being in a state of safety.

Her work is both pioneering and fundamental when working with clientele who are in often inner states of chaos and compliment’s psychotherapeutic and psychological approaches used to support the individual and their families.



Senior Psychologist and BCIA Accredited Neurofeedback and HRV Biofeedback Mentor, Australian NeuroFeedback Institute Deputy Director

I have been thoroughly impressed with Ms. Bridges’ approach, which gently nudges the nervous system towards enhanced regulation. Her skilful implementation of Polyvagal Theory in her practice is truly exemplary, demonstrating a rare ability to foster a sense of safety and connection in her clients.

Through her work, Ms. Bridges creates an environment where survivors can begin their healing journey with a foundation of trust and understanding.



Somatic Psychotherapist



Holly offers something that no one I’ve ever met before has discovered. Somehow, she has learned a very specific way to communicate at the subtlest level with the nervous system, and perhaps with the enteric nervous system in particular. She has a profound and personal understanding of the embodiment of our threat response to the difficulties and challenges of our lives, and has invented a way to make contact with it.

There is a quote which says “there is healing magic in the meeting sensation and awareness”.  I think this resonates with what Holly Bridges has discovered.



Counselling Psychologist / Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Holly’s work aligns with the growing neurobiological evidence that treatment tailored to change occurring in regions of the brain beyond language are potent and enduring. Moving the body in order to move the mind. Holly’s work respectfully builds trust and understanding for the individual of their own system, gently working to navigate new relationships with their internal architecture and nervous system.

Holly has extended her sphere of influence in the field, with tenacity and integrity.



Social Worker, Professional Educator, Neurodiversity Subject Matter Expert, Published Author, Artist/Poet


I have known Holly for over 5 years and have collaborated with her on multiple projects, including an inclusion summit in the United States, in which she attended and presented in person. In my times working with Holly, she has been consistently approachable, reliable, and resourceful. Holly is highly proficient in explaining and applying the Polyvagal Theory in her professional practice, both with one-on-one clients and in large group settings.

Holly excels in connecting an audience with applicable practices and strategies, bringing complex topics to life in a way that is easy for others to understand. Holly is a kind and considerate person who is deeply passionate about making a difference in the world of autism and the Polyvagal Theory and has a demonstrated track record in supporting individuals to live their best lives.



Area Manager, My Supports, WA



I have known Holly Bridges since 2015, in both professional and personal engagement settings. I have engaged with Holly for staff training and had the opportunity to observe her work with clients and see the positive changes it has allowed them to experience. As a mother of 3 children with disability , 1 child with Inattentive ADHD , 1 Child with ASD and ADHD and 1 child with ASD with PDA Profile, ARFID, mixed ADHD and Anxiety disorder, I have had the opportunity to learn from Holly and build my knowledge which enables me to support my children in a way that honours their individual needs.

Now having understanding the role of the Polyvagal Theory, the nervous and sensory systems and how they are impacting my children, has changed the way our family interacts and provides a much safer and supportive life for them. I am seeing real progress and improvement in their quality of life because of the work Holly has done and the knowledge she has provided. Holly genuinely wishes to support her clients to live the best possible life they can.



Feminist Academic and Grandmother


Holly’s work is astonishingly effective and apparently very simple. However it’s clear that it is grounded in her deep understanding of Porges’ work with the vagus nerve.

To this she adds her intuitive understanding of ways to work with individual children to help them to find the necessary resting place their body craves. The results are extraordinary.




Registered Psychologist, General Psychology Services


Holly Bridges’ neurodiverse therapeutic approach reframes our understanding of autism, celebrating its diversity, tapping into the innate intelligence, brilliance and creativity of autists’ often enhanced perception, helping them to make the most of their gifts.

Holly has ingeniously taken this theory and applied it to our understanding of Autism, challenging us to look beyond the ‘deficit’ model of autism and put the trauma response front and center in our understanding, suggesting a new approach to healing that focus on strengthening the body’s system for regulating arousal.


LEANNE BRIDGES (no relation)

Support Coordinator, My Supports, WA 


Holly’s work is the epitome of person centred. Holly sees the whole person, the difficulties they have and the impact having autism or an intellectual disability has on them. Holly works with the whole of the person’s life and the people in it. She has patience and understanding far beyond any other professional I have worked with. She sees the strengths in people as well as the struggles and works with both of these at the same time. She has a gentle way about her that inspires confidence which helps people relax and trust her.

It’s wonderful to have someone who can offer an alternative to the usual therapies and have such amazing results.