Brain Plasticity & Autism

We used to think that the brain was fixed and not capable of change, but it’s not true. The brain is capable of changing – at any age – and when we work with the body as well as the mind, we have an even greater capacity to make positive changes.

People on the autism spectrum, whether they can speak; whether they are hypo or hyper reactive; whether they are five, fifteen or fifty are all intelligent and all have highly sophisticated nervous systems that are capable of learning.

When we work directly with the nervous system and avoid overly complicated social and cognitive tactics; when we work with transparency, clarity and have an inclusive and empowered approach -we can make magic happen. However, it’s not magic, it’s the brilliance of a brain/body system that wants to be free and when it is shown how, with kindness and grace, it has an amazing, adaptive capacity to grow and develop and let people be more of who they want to be.




6 Week Course

Working with Autism / ADHD / ID
Somatic Practices for Alignment and Resilience


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