Interview on ABC Radio with Alice Walker

Holly was featured on the Alice Walker show that was broadcast on Monday 12th December, 2016 from the Great Southern, WA and Statewide.

Some highlights:

  • President of the Australian Medical Association Michael Gannon has said that “autism defies description, that we’re really at a loss to describe what it is”.
  • Some people who have gone through the traditional ABA “system” find it really uncomfortable and many rail against it.
  • By understanding the potential of brain plasticity we can discover much better ways of working with people with autism that doesn’t need forced repetition, it just needs to create the right conditions.
  • If you look at autism as solely a brain disease you will consider the child impaired and be far less empathetic. If you see it as a “systems” problem – the way the brain and body interact – you can then approach it from ‘all we know about health and brain plasticity’.
  • So much of the anxiety associated experienced by those people ‘on the spectrum’ is driven by a systems overload – a sensory overload. My approach, based on the work of Dr Porges, seeks to help them discover what it actually feels like when their body and brain are working together.

Holly’s workshops aim to help all of those with an interest in improving the lives of those with autism (people on the spectrum, including asperger – their friends and family).




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