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"We need to get more sophisticated in our appreciation of autism so we can value the paradox - the heights of and the lows simultaneously - while being allowed to explore avenues of healing and growth."

Holly Bridges

Testimonials | Seattle Event 8/2017

“Through her critically acclaimed book, Holly Bridges has helped thousands of parents, autists, educators and therapists perceive a more positive and helpful way of perceiving autism and she has affected hundreds of families from the severely challenged and non-verbal, to many adults with Asperger’s, right through to the very young with her simple and effective A.R.T. techniques. Her mission is to bring this to the world.”


“Holly introduces a variety of intervention models that potentially could function to rehabilitate the social engagement system and to optimize autonomic regulation”

~ Stephen W. Porges, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry, University of North Carolina


“The book enables people with Autism to feel understood and validated about their experience and feelings, and shows a way to tap into the wealth of resources trapped under the surface”

~ Dana, autism employment consultant


“My son has discovered his feet and now hands. He wiggled his toes on command and just laughed and laughed. I can now say ‘squeeze mummy’s hand’, there is a 3 second delay and then he squeezes”

~ Kieran’s mum, parent

Reframe Your Thinking Around Autism

The book that started a new movement for this progressive approach to autism and asperger’s syndrome!

Reframe Your Thinking Around Autism is a smart, easy-to- grasp book that offers a whole new paradigm for understanding and working with autism. It is written for those on the spectrum of all ages, their parents and supporters, and is refreshingly jargon-free.