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The next A.R.T. Therapist Training Group will commence in early 2022. 

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What current trainees have to say:

Autism is a Label and Labels are for Jars not Persons

Holly Bridges does not do labels, she is truly a trail blazer, a visionary revolutionary, a Zen like Power rocket, tiger, elephant, tortoise and mouse like with some generous kangaroo in her joyful mix, a free thinker, incredibly knowledgeable and in tune with all the theories, research, science, neuroscience, prevailing techniques, huge piles and piles of prevailing knowledge and alternatives perspectives, noises floating all around us.

Her drive is for Truth and not Comfort,  for freedom, flexibility, plasticity over rigidity and dogma.

She questions … probes, pokes, then questions again challenging to let go, to enquire about what is not known, what is not said, what has not even been considered.

ART Reframe Training journey supports an approach which invites you to go beyond the limitations of prevailing wisdom, of what is known and accepted, of what you think you know, let go what others know and others claim they know.

Holly supports, nurtures and guides you go on a rollercoaster journey of pioneering exploration, questioning, challenging yourself, going up Rabbit Holes and under Rainbows, getting to a place of true Reframe, of entering into comfort, confidence, skill in your own spaces of not knowing, of surrender to enable you approach your therapeutic work from such an empty space in collaboration, safety, guided and informed by your empowered client who is the only authentic true EXPERT on their own self.

– Johnny Moran is a proud, grateful and graceful Graduate of the Holly Bridges University of Muppets with a speciality in Rainbows and Bubbles

EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant Supervisor, EMDR Trainee Facilitator, EMDR Child & Adolescent Levels 1& 2, IAHIP Accredited Integrative Humanistic Psychotherapist, IACP Accredited Member, Reg. ICP, BCH, CI Board Certified Hypnotist & Certified Instructor, JUNGIAN Sandplay Therapist, H.Dip. Counselling Psychotherapy, MA Integrative Psychotherapy

A.R.T. training is an immersion into the delicacy and efficacy of this pioneering technique. It not only provides a practical grounding in the tools of A.R.T., but also offers a powerful reframe of autism that embraces and celebrates the unique intelligence of the body, brain, nervous system and the mind. A.R.T. is also a journey of personal growth, equipping therapists, caregivers, educators and anyone working with neuro-divergent individuals, with the tools, knowledge and openness to empower individuals to discover and fulfil their full potential in a way that is congruent with their authentic self.

– Lisa Walton

As a mental health support worker and father of two boys with autism, I cannot recommend the A.R.T. clinicians course highly enough.

This course is at the forefront of our evolving understanding of what it means to be autistic. It incorporates the current evidence around Polyvagal Theory and movement therapies and presents a view that is logical whilst also completely revolutionary.

If you work with autistic individuals, you need to experience this course; it will expand your understanding of autism and how to therapeutically assist those it affects.

– Andrew Moses, Owner, Optimum Ability Support Services

I heartily recommend Holly’s training. It is tailored and flexible to meet our needs. Full of new information and a new way thinking. Opening my mind to a new way of being. Feeding my soul, with the nourishment of life changing opportunities. Giving me gems I can put into my daily practice. Thanks Holly.

– Anne-Marie McDermott


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