A.R.T. Services

What we do

Join Holly Bridges on a transformational journey

Holly Bridges offers a range of consultations and therapy suggestions by Hangouts or Skype (Worldwide) based upon her renowned 5 element program:

  • Sync: Link body movements & social engagement (engage)
  • Calm: Reduce anger and anxiety (soften)
  • Re-code: Learn a new body baseline (resilience)
  • Integrate: Bring body and brain states together (focus)
  • Thrive: Create optimal conditions for personal growth (spontaneity)

Programs are custom designed and focussed upon achieving lasting outcomes.

The A.R.T. Intensive Program is available face-to-face or via Zoom. The program runs over 5 consecutive days. This program is designed to:

  1. Introduce the student to Holly’s Autism Reframe Technique (explain)
  2. Rouse his or her interest in the program and process (engage)
  3. Aim to ensure that what is learned is sustained into the future (reinforce)

Based upon her regular 1:1 program, Holly has found that in many cases this enables the student to make better and more rapid progress, learning though a consolidated and uninterrupted format.

More information on upcoming workshops will be available soon. Watch this space!

Workplace and practitioner training program will commence in 2021. Watch this space!

"This work changes everything for the better. Holly’s care and methods save you from the snake pit of the medical system. I am feeling calmer, I am happier and I like myself more. Things are coming together. I am more spontaneous, there is less anxiety and I think I have a more positive outlook on life. There are still challenges to face but thanks to Holly I can feel more resilient in daily life. Holly is always compassionate and knows what she is doing and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is autistic or who has a relative who is autistic. It’s a shame more people aren’t doing this kind of work. I wish I had had my diagnosis and Holly’s help a lot earlier in my life; it would have saved me a lot of pain and misery."

Michael, Consultancy Client & Autist


“A unique and readable book effectively connects to the families and the people who directly interact with individuals with autism”

~ Stephen W. Porges, PhD


“I have seen the results of responding to my boy’s needs differently, and now I feel that I ‘get’ him in a whole new way”

~ Ceri, parent


“Once you read this, you will change the way you think and be with Autists. Bridges provides a much needed central message of reconnecting the brain and body”

~ Dana, employment consultant