Follow-up and consolidate

“It is slow, and the emphasis is on listening and engaging and re-integrating. It is subtle. It is not achievement oriented, although once mastered, the achievements can be great.”

Holly Bridges

Mini intensives are follow-up sessions designed to further consolidate the work, if necessary.

These are three-day consecutive programs either in person or via Zoom (1.5 hours per session).

They are based on an expectation that the student/client has completed a full intensive and is able to do a range of A.R.T. exercises. From this start point, we work to further develop capacity to engage in the exercises and locate deeper levels of connection with the body.

As with the full intensives, Holly is fully engaged and committed to the process for the three days as she takes you further into your experience of yourself.

Learn more about A.R.T. here.

What people say

“When we forgot our masks & had to walk home to get them he didn’t go into reactive; “See? This is why I don’t do these things … It wastes time when you forget stuff. Now we’re wasting more time” just simply stated “Well, that’s annoying” …. and that was that … no dwelling on it either.

When he tripped up just 50m from getting home & slightly hurt his foot he was also matter-of-fact about it & didn’t launch into things like; “This is your fault just because you didn’t want to find parking”, “If we hadn’t been walking this wouldn’t have happened”, “NOW I’m going to be in pain for ages”. I asked if he was ok & he simply stated; “Yeah, just tripped a bit. It happens sometimes. It’s a bit sore but it’ll be ok”. Yeah …. that’s never been the usual reaction before! PLUS —- it was a little sore the next day & he told me after we had seen you that it had been since the morning BUT again —> none of the usual – it was your fault, no doom & gloom, again, no dwelling on the negatives.”


“He is changing so fast I can’t keep up with him. He’s been helping in the kitchen and carrying on conversations all day that are fluid and with a resonant voice. He has smiled so many times today I can’t count them all. Yesterday he read scriptures aloud during our study time – so rare! Oh, he also said he’d like to try different brushes for his hair, as it’s time that it looked better. Oh there’s too much to write at this moment. Thank you!!!”


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