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8 Week Online Course
Including Weekly Live Q & A with Holly Bridges
50 CPD Accredited Hours, with CPD Certificate

Reframing Autism: Discover how working with the body can help!
Holly Bridges' internationally acclaimed book and
A.R.T. autism therapy program (Autism Reframe Technique)

Can the Body Influence Autism?

8 Week Course
Blended Learning
1-2 hours Online Lessons per Week
1 Hour Live Weekly Q & A with Holly Bridges (questions submitted prior to the session)
50 CPD Accredited Hours, with CPD Certificate

Over 8 weeks we will cover:

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"We need to get more sophisticated in our appreciation of autism so we can value the paradox - the heights of and the lows simultaneously - while being allowed to explore avenues of healing and growth."

Holly Bridges
Meet your Instructor

Meet Holly Bridges

Holly Bridges lives in Perth, Western Australia and travels regularly to North America and Europe She has a husband, two kids, three chickens, two dogs and two cats in a small house with a large outside living area and a huge garden.

Holly studied Psychology and Women’s studies at ECU then worked as a youth worker and educator before having children – whom she home-schooled whilst intermittently following her husband, with their children, into the depths of the Australian Pilbara (outback), sleeping in swags under the stars and running soil sampling programs.

Read more about Holly’s story here.


Working With Holly Bridges

Stephen Porges
Professor of Psychiatry.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“I became acquainted with Holly in 2014, when she contacted me to evaluate a prepublication copy of her book, Reframe Your Thinking Around Autism: How the Polyvagal Theory and Brain Plasticity Help Us Make Sense of Autism.

Since I developed Polyvagal Theory, I was curious how she would distill the concepts of theory into an accessible volume that would be helpful to those on the autism spectrum, their families, and the therapists and educators who support them. In reading her book, I realized that Holly had a gifted presentation style that enabled her to communicate the optimistic and important principles of the Polyvagal Theory.

Holly continues to refine her clinical style, embodying aspects of Polyvagal Theory, that enable her to support her clients’ journey to have richer lives and to experience the benefits being safe enough to co-regulate with others.

Focusing on witnessing the client’s biobehavioral state and providing cues of safety through own presence and accessibility, she has successfully expanded the range of the social behavior and resilience”.

Dr. Gerard Costa
Director, Centre for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health.
Montclair State University, New Jersey

“Holly is an incredible thinker and a sought-after consultant and interventionist with neurodiverse children and families. However her skills as a writer and presenter are extraordinary.

She is warm, engaging and energetic with the capacity to teach about very complex topics in very understandable ways.

One of her special gifts as a presenter is her use of simple line drawings of human and brain/nervous system structures and functions, making the complex interactions come alive, making incredible sense to participants with varying levels of knowledge.

Holly is one of those rare “translators” of science into application and practice. She teaches professionals and families and supports those with developmental difficulties with deep understanding, passion and care.

She is a gift to our work.”

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Please complete the below form and we will send you details when enrolment opens.